Letter: I second the call for new conservative columnists

A person holds a letter with the text "letter to the editor" overlaid on the image.

A few days ago , a letter writer suggested an upgrade from the current group you have. I strongly concur and say a major upgrade would occur immediately by replacing the two Saturday, April 18: Mike Hulett and Ross Nelson .

I find it interesting that they are positioned on the left and right of their target of the day. I respect Jim Shaw and knew he would get an attack after his column last week , but the vicious attacks are what gets to me.

We buy the paper to get information and view various viewpoints. It is no fun to start a Saturday morning reading these rants. So often the reader is thrown into the mix just by being of a different thought. I am so tired of being insulted by these guys.

I'm really not a stupid individual because of my liberal leanings, but Ross Nelson seems to think so. His latest rant says "so let me put it so plainly that even liberals should be able to understand." I can read, I can process thoughts, but whenever these columns appear the attack is on.

So, here's another vote for new conservative columnists. The constant attack mode writing is just too much.

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