Letter: I'd put Biden's mental health up against Trump's any day

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In response to Ken Sims' letter published May 10, " The media should break from criticizing Trump and look at Biden ," this is yet another attempt to
distract from the failed leadership of President Trump.

Sims said, "My concern is the mental health of Joe Biden, the Democratic Party’s presumptive nominee for president of the United States." I have the same concern for the mental health of the current president.

Maybe Sims can explain the mental state of a president who told us the coronavirus was just a "Democrat hoax" or "one day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear," or who suggested that household disinfectants could be injected into the human body to kill the coronavirus. These would all just be satirical jokes if they were coming from a stand up comedian and not the president of the United States.

If Sims wants to evaluate the mental state of a presidential candidate, fine. But then let's evaluate both Biden and Trump. Let's put both of them through a thorough mental, psychological, and physical examination, and let's have actual professionals conduct it, not some hack from Fox News.

I highly doubt Trump or any of his supporters would agree to such an evaluation because it would expose Trump as far more unfit for the presidency than Biden.


Just like everything else, right-wingers like Sims wildly exaggerate the faults of Biden while completely ignoring or denying Trump's glaring faults. But personally, I don't care. I will take Biden with all of his shortcomings (real or imagined) over Trump any day. I will also take a zoo monkey, a circus clown, or a moldy hay bale over Trump. Why? Because Trump is an absolute atrocity on this country, and the coronavirus pandemic has made this fact abundantly clear.

The ongoing lies, the blaming, the name-calling, the delusional happy talk, the self-congratulations in the face of 70,000+ dead Americans and a collapsed economy, all of it is out in the open for everyone to see. Anyone who can still support this president at this point is either not paying any attention, is insane, evil, or some combination of all of the above.

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