Letter: It's all part of the act

Rachow takes inventory of President Biden's first term in office.

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Located three hours south of the Twin Cities, the Wisconsin Dells is a massive waterpark and family entertainment center.  For 70 years, the now-defunct Tommy Bartlett Show was a staple attraction at the park, featuring a water-skiing exhibition along with stage performances from various acrobats, jugglers, and comedians. To this day, I still remember one performer in particular, a juggler.  Whenever he'd blow it and drop something, he'd always assure the audience:  "It's all part of the act."  

You don't have to be a partisan Republican to point out that President Joe Biden's first term has not gone well.  As to the reasons why, I've heard people say any number of uncomplimentary things about Biden that explain his ineffectiveness as a leader:  Old age, senility, incompetence or stupidity.   Some have suggested that, if only we could get Biden in a room by himself and explain the correct way to govern on a particular issue, surely, he would come to his senses and do the right thing.  Sound familiar, anyone?  And yet, I keep remembering the words of that juggler.

Another explanation is that Biden is not the one actually running the country.  It hardly matters.  Whether it's Biden, Obama, or a conglomerate of Washington bureaucrats, his actions as president are clearly being dictated by left wing ideological policies. So, rest assured, all this chaos and destruction that you see everywhere in this country is happening by design. It's all part of the act.

One example: From the moment Biden took office, he has implemented an immigration policy known as "catch and release." Illegal aliens are being told to just show up at the border and you'll get in. By definition, that's open borders. But, what's the motivation? It's widely believed that the Democrats hope to create a new "constituency" of reliable Democratic voters, once they're declared "legal citizens" through a series of future amnesty votes by Congress.

Secondly, Biden's environmental policies.  America was energy independent under Trump, but Biden has made it clear he intends to tax and regulate the fossil fuel industry out of existence.  But, doesn't Biden care if these policies would lower America's standard of living to third world status?   Obviously, wealthy elitists like Biden never think they'll pay a price if their policies fail, but the rest of us will.   


And, just so you understand, the lowering of our standard of living has always been part of the Marxist climate change agenda.  To them, America is too big and too prosperous and needs to be "brought down a peg."  These policies also dovetail nicely with the Globalist agenda, which advocates for no borders, no countries, and a one world government where all are equal - equally poor, of course, but that's utopia for you. Everyone's equally miserable!

And yet, if you ask a typical Biden voter today, most would prefer living in a world of abject poverty than another four years of a Trump presidency. Faced with such illogical thinking, my only response would be this line from a Clint Eastwood movie: "That's a heck of a price to pay for being stylish".

Mike Rachow lives in Fargo.

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