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Letter: It's not even an issue, it's a culture war

Echola contends the trans athlete bill is really "a culture war fought by crybaby old men who are absolutely beside themselves over things like the gender of a plastic toy for babies or children's books."

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Just because Matt Noah was himself suspended by the US Soccer Club, that doesn't make him some expert in who does or doesn't belong in sports . In fact, it makes him the opposite.

He and the authors of the bill haven't actually consulted any medical professionals, or frankly, students or school boards, about this issue. Because it's not a real issue. It's a fabrication created entirely to marginalize an already marginalized group of people. It's a culture war fought by crybaby old men who are absolutely beside themselves over things like the gender of a plastic toy for babies or children's books. Pure lunacy.

As the Club wrote about Matt Noah, and The Forum reported: "In the end, Mr. Noah overreacts to any perceived wrongdoing and then cannot let anything go . This ongoing pattern of conduct is detrimental to the game and our organization."

Echola, Fargo, is a former member of The Forum's Readers Board.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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