Letter: I've had enough of the 'War on Christmas'

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In response to the column, " The war on Christmas is the result of catering to diversity ," by Ross Nelson published Dec. 29:

Do you know what kind of person claims “diversity is of course divisive”? The same kind who expects a “couth” tourist or immigrant to uphold “our” religious practices. The kind whose arrogant view of celebration must be an “us” or “them.” The kind that neglects to recognize that I, Mr. Midwest Whitey McWhite-pants, celebrates Christmas without being Christian. The kind who would like me because I emphatically say Merry Christmas to strangers, but would then move me from an “us” to a “them” in his analysis if our conversation moved from of a passing social nicety into a discussion on the historical cultural appropriation that rooted Christmas as Dec 25th.

On Christmas Day, I took my children to see Aquaman in a packed theater. Do you know how many people said Merry Christmas to me? None. Zero. Zilch. Think it was because they were afraid to offend my Caucasian appearance? No, I can guarantee at a glance one would guess I’d high-five for Jesus.

Why didn’t they? I have no idea and I don’t care. Why not? Because I’ll take a smile and a kind gesture from a stranger in any form, any day, over my negative judgement projected against those who don’t say the words I think should be spoken. I got plenty of smiles, nods and kind gestures on Christmas at the theater and I was fulfilled.

So, to Ross Nelson and anyone else who thinks there’s a war on Christmas, this atheist wants to wish you a very Merry Christmas! I only wish I’d said it to you sooner to make you feel better.

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