Letter: Legislators take advantage of paid family leave while denying it to constituents

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I recently read the Tribune article highlighting the paid family leave our state legislators receive.

I completely support that because paid family leave is a great idea. All of us, lawmakers included, get sick or take care of sick family members at some point in our lives. We take time off to care for newborns, we raise families and we care for ailing or elderly family members. In fact, there over 62,000 unpaid family caregivers in North Dakota and 75% of our kids live in families where both parents work.

What disappoints me is these very same legislators don’t think paid family leave is a good idea for the people who support them and pay their salaries, the taxpayers of North Dakota. In fact, they even voted against conducting an in-depth study of how paid family leave might work in North Dakota.

Paid family leave makes sense – and it works. So if paid family leave is good enough for our state legislators, why isn't it good enough for all working North Dakotans?

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