Letter: Let's hope Moorhead isn't a small-town San Francisco

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I'd just like to say "Wake up, Moorhead citizens!" If Mike McFeely is correct in his assessment of the election results ( column published Nov. 29 ), in calling Moorhead the "small-town San Francisco of the Midwest," then based on the April 8, 2018, commentary by Wayne Allyn Root about California and specifically San Francisco, we have an "American nightmare" to look forward to. (Root is an opinion columnist for the Las Vegas Review Journal.)

Root's viewpoint is actually based on a survey of San Francisco residents conducted by NBC journalists (and NBC is not known as a bastion of conservatism) and these are some of the findings: "piles of smelly garbage on the streets, used needles, gallons of urine and piles of feces - all near famous tourist attractions, fancy hotels, government buildings and children's playgrounds... [T]he strees of San Francisco are worse than the world's most notorious slums."

Root goes on to say that "Members of the middle class are fleeing in record numbers.... California offers a cautionary tale of what happens when you combine open borders and a pathetic welfare state with radical liberal politicians who see taxpayers as targets to be fleeced... thanks to the joys of diversity ... thanks to liberal politicians and voters...California is a hellhole."

Now, I acknowledge that this is more extreme than I would expect to take place here in "small-town San Francisco of the Midwest," but one never knows if Moorhead (and I might add, our state) continues on the patch of "progressive getting more progressive," as McFeely contends.

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