Letter: Let's not make the same mistakes when the next flu hits

Jacobson is critical of decisions the government, schools and businesses made in response to COVID.

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In response to the COVID pandemic, our leaders in local, state and federal governments closed down much of our economy and thereby dislocated billions of dollars of working capital from functioning, productive enterprises to inefficient, wasteful, tentative operations where the right and left crash on many levels. (Many mountains of trash were generated, billions of dollars and electricity wasted, and many hours were spent complying with regulations that were ineffective and based upon misinformation.)

Can we all agree not to close schools and business enterprises when the next flu hits? Let people make these decisions for themselves and the people who have higher risks (healthwise) can protect themselves with every available measure and treatment.

They also flooded the economy with many billions of dollars of easy money programs that made the rich, richer and the poor, poorer. (Gas prices soared in 2021, and big oil CEOs got a nearly $45 million raise.)

Now it appears that our economy is in a recession. After moving all the water to one end of the tub in order to minimize the economic pain of the pandemic, now water (dollars) will necessarily level out, and there is nothing for the government to do except to cut spending drastically to lessen the competition for all goods and services. But they won't do this and presently they are working out ways to increase spending and borrowing for favorite programs, until the dollar is worthless.

There are massive redundancies in the defense budget and this is where the cutting should begin. Many of our foreign military bases are serving no real purpose, and we can do without most of them.


I would rather the U.S. be a leader in protecting the environment and public health with facts and corporate tax dollars instead of misinformation and public debt.

Mark R. Jacobson lives in Richville, Minn.

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