Letter: Let's talk about the recent 'column' by Mike Hulett

Olson writes, "The cliche regarding the liberalization of the 'mainstream media' is so tedious that it doesn’t deserve comment. I will just say this: This writing is unoriginal and the opposite of critical, insightful thought."

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I take strong exception to the “column” by Hulett published on May 21 wherein he decrees that every media outlet save Fox News and Newsmax is biased.

Let’s look at Mr. Hulett’s “misunderstandings”:

1. “The Trump-Russia collusion hoax is a prime example” (of falsehoods propagated by the obvious bias in mainstream media). What that episode shows us, Mike, is that the Trumpers wanted to collude but were too inept to actually pull it off.

2. “The Pulitzer was awarded for ‘relentless’ reporting of blatant lies“ …. Yes, Mike, the Board of Trustees at Columbia University - the premier grad school for journalism in this country - and the Pulitzer committee, an obvious bunch of left-wing cranks - are all part of a vast conspiracy to trick people into thinking that “Drain the swamp” might not be the most accurate political slogan of our time.

3. “Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation completely exonerated Trump of collusion with Russia” …. Not even close, Mike. Mueller himself, in releasing his report to Congress, all but laid out exactly what Congress needed to do to find Trump guilty as hell of impeachable offenses. Congressional MAGAs soon put the brakes on that plan. I wonder why?


4. “Special Counsel John Durham recently revealed Democrat Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee devised and financed the (Russian election interference) hoax.” Of course, you are referring to Durham’s pursuit of lawyer Michael Sussman, who delivered tips on Trump to the FBI without revealing his bosses (the Clintons). The “crime” here, Mike, is not that the info was a “hoax.” The charge Durham is pursuing is Sussman lying about his links to the Clintons, not whether his info was correct.

5. “California Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff … continually leaked disinformation about Trump to eager media sources.” Of course, Mike, you then neglect to produce any of this so-called “disinformation.”

6. “Adverse mainstream media stories about … Pelosi or … Schumer seldom appear, but negative stories about Republican Congressional leaders abound.” Heck, Mike, that’s an easy one to explain. Marjorie Taylor Green. Lauren Boebert. Paul Gosar. Jim Jordan. Louie Gohmert. John Kennedy. Tommy Tuberville. Madison Cawthorne. Herschel Walker. Dr. Oz, for crying out loud.

7. “Media swooned over Biden’s Supreme Court nominee …. but sullied Trump nominees (Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Barrett) …” Could it be that these three are the most ideologically driven justices to sit on the court in this century? Could the fact that all three of them lied about overturning Roe v. Wade during their confirmation hearings contribute to how we think about them? And let’s not forget the GOP’s insistence in replacing RBG while her body was still warm, after denying Obama his rightful nominee.

8. “… (the media) label(s) … Kamala Harris ‘a historic figure’, while South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott, a historic figure, escapes mention.” Why on earth is Tim Scott a historic figure? Black folks have been in government before, Mike.

9. Now we get to the good stuff. “ … mainstream media were silent when a mob of leftist Black Lives Matter/Antifa thugs launched a violent attack on the White House … injuring 60 Secret Service agents”. Ridiculous. And yet, somehow, you manage to ignore the actual coup attempt of Jan. 6. It must be so much work to delude yourself like this.

10. The cliche regarding the liberalization of the “mainstream media” is so tedious that it doesn’t deserve comment. I will just say this: This writing is unoriginal and the opposite of critical, insightful thought.

And that is really the reason for my letter. It is directed not so much at Mike Hulett as The Forum. The stuff Mike Hulett, Scott Hennen, Ross Nelson and others on your roster of conservative writers contribute is just …. lame. Thoughtless. Knee-jerk. Hackneyed. Repetitive.


Those columns do not further discourse on any issue. Any argument on any issue instantly devolves to 1. America has never been in worse shape, and 2. Here’s why it’s all the left’s fault.

Doesn’t The Forum have responsibility for publishing points of view that are rooted in the truth?

Charles Olson lives in Reston, Va.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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