Letter: Liberals are constantly at work, tearing down the country

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Breaking news on Saturday, 01-19-19: Heard something on social media about some white kids abusing Indians at the Lincoln Memorial. Then read an article about Chase Iron Eyes at the Lincoln Memorial and how some blacks were harassing the Indians. Saw something on line that showed a snippet about some Indian beating on a drum in some white kid's face. Seemed odd.

Sunday, 01-20-19: Got a fuller story of what happened at the Lincoln Memorial on Friday afternoon. Black cult lunatics started harassing white kids and maybe Indians. Indian activist became involved, walked into the group of white kids and stood there beating a drum in a white kids face for quite awhile, while another Indian told the white kids to go back to Europe. White kids didn't do anything.

Social media went nuts, accusing the white kids of everything that any mentally unstable liberal can think of. It's clear that the kids were guilty of being young, white, male and Christian and if that wasn't bad enough, some of them wore MAGA caps. Of course, when you're a liberal and see something like that, it's time to send death threats and do your best to smear the kids for life. The liberal religion demands that, at least.

The above happenings are insane, but probably no more insane than Democrat politicians telling the American people that America doesn't need borders or border security, or immigration reform or DACA or an end to the government shutdown nearly as bad as we need to run the lawfully elected president of the United States out of office. Liberals are constantly at work, tearing down the country.

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