Letter: Looking towards a Post-Roe America

Thorson writes, "The Mississippi law at issue in the case limits abortion to 15 weeks. If the Court decides that the law will stand, it will mean countless lives saved."

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In the past few weeks, we caught a glimpse of how the United States Supreme Court is thinking about deciding Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the Mississippi abortion case that is expected any time now. Though I am deeply troubled by the leak that gave us this insight, I am excited for the opportunity for the American people—not unelected justices—to decide how our laws can best protect babies in the womb, their mothers, and their families.

Over 60 million babies have died in abortions since the Court invented a constitutional right to abortion in 1973 in Roe v. Wade. This so-called right has allowed pro-abortion advocates to oppose even sensible legislation to protect babies from discrimination on the basis of sex or race . The Mississippi law at issue in the case limits abortion to 15 weeks. If the Court decides that the law will stand, it will mean countless lives saved.

A scarcity mindset governs many who oppose protections for life in the womb. It is a lie that there is only enough money or time to provide for either the mother or the baby but not both. It greatly saddens me to think about this whenever I experience the abundance of life, growth, and nature on our family farm in North Dakota. I live close to nature; I plant, nurture, and harvest crops; I care for livestock.

Many choose abortion because they think they have no other choice. We need to create a culture where there is as much excitement as there is uncertainty about a baby’s life because every family has confidence that they and their baby will receive everything they need to thrive. In addition to protecting the unborn, we can do better in raising awareness that women who reside in North Dakota and who are pregnant or who believe they are pregnant can receive free services like pregnancy testing, counseling, prenatal education, and parenting education. There are seven pregnancy centers in North Dakota that provide free support and maternal services during and after pregnancy.

Overturning Roe would be an exciting new beginning in the fight for life and combating the scarcity mindset. Dobbs is a great opportunity for our state to pivot in strong support of life at every stage. Let’s make sure mothers and fathers know that there is hope for them and their baby.


Linda Thorson is the North Dakota director of Concerned Women for America.

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