Letter: Many politicians are bought and paid for

Darrell Hanson of Fargo writes about politicians who are beholden to the oil industry and the NRA.

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The NRA buys off Congress and no action is taken on guns. Then we have another mass shooting. There were 130 mass shootings in the first 85 days of this year, and many were done with assault rifles.

One of our less then brilliant politicians wanted to make the AR15 the "state gun." Why celebrate a gun of war, one that terrorizes our schools? How sad that they are controlled by the NRA and not by the parents of our children.

Rep. Jayme Davis, an enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa, said hunters' use of the Winchester Model 1876 to kill buffaloes robbed Native American residents of their livelihood.

The oil industry buys off Congress and they get a tax break from North Dakota after record profits. We get no property tax relief.

Money in politics corrupts our politicians.

Darrell Hanson lives in Fargo.


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