Letter: McFeely is wrong when he says PBS only airs kids' educational programming

Patrick Dixon of Fargo responds to a recent column by Mike McFeely about funding for Prairie Public Broadcasting.

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Speaking of uninformed old men not knowing what they are talking about, Mike McFeely should have taken about 30 seconds to Google before claiming that "Amanpour and Company" is the only talk show on Prairie Public Television's weekly schedule.

ND Senate passes bill that includes $2.9 million for public broadcasting after subcommittee slashed funding from budget

A quick search reveals the following talk shows and news programs broadcast on a recent Sunday afternoon: the "Laura Flanders Show" (which investigates the drivers of racism, sexism, and environmental destruction), "Articulate with James Cotter," "Story in the Public Square" (recently featuring Sen. Gary Hart), the "David Rubenstein Show," "Frontline," "To the Contrary with Bonnie Erbé," not to mention a wide variety of other news focused programming.

I certainly don't want to imply these programs are scandalous or undeserving of state support, but it is incredible that McFeely pretends the debate of funding news programs is only about cartoon dogs, ardvarks and sock puppets. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that due to his age, he is lacking the basic online research skills necessary to find accurate information. I mean, the alternative would be him deliberately trying to mislead the public to score cheap political points-- and that doesn't sound like him, does it?

Patrick Dixon lives in Fargo.

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