Letter: Might I suggest an alternative to watching sports

A person holds a letter with the text "letter to the editor" overlaid on the image.

With the Bison season in full swing, many North Dakotans keep busy watching their favorite team. It can seem rare to find anyone who doesn’t spend a few hours a week watching sports. What do the people who don’t have a love for sports do with their free time?

Well, I have an interesting idea that you probably haven’t considered. Let’s work together to hold members of Congress accountable. How? It's easier than you think.

First, learn more about the issues you care about. Write letters, make some calls and attend a town hall. Start getting to know your representatives on Capitol Hill.

Believe it or not, this approach works. I'm just an ordinary person, but I've learned how to influence the policies that impact my life and the lives of millions. I work with a group called because I care about ending poverty. You can be an advocate for any issue once you learn the basics.

I hope more people will get involved and make their voices heard. After working with RESULTS for the past year, I can truly say that being a part of democracy is both fun and rewarding!

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