Letter: Mike McFeely columns are one reason I subscribe to The Forum

Karry Kyllo of East Grand Forks, Minn., responds to a letter about columnist Mike McFeely written by Todd Gross of Fargo.

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While Todd Gross accuses Mike McFeely of hating North Dakota , I couldn't disagree more. I think that he's providing Forum readers and North Dakota citizens with a valuable service. Gross's accusation has a certain odor to it, and it's quite apparent where he is coming from when he refers to McFeely as a left wing liberal.

I don't always agree with McFeely's opinions, nor does anyone, but the factual information that he presents in his columns is always well-researched and difficult to dispute. His opinions are always based upon the facts that he undercovers when investigating a story, and the hateful diatribe that Gross refers to would be better described as fact-based opinion.

I'm not certain how Gross connects McFeely presenting Forum readers facts with hating North Dakota, but don't Forum readers expect and deserve the facts? I know that I do and when I read a Mike McFeely column, I’m confident that the facts he presents are accurate.

Presenting facts to readers uncovered in research is part of what a good journalist does, and The Forum is fortunate that Mike McFeely is on their team. Not everyone will like what he uncovers in his research, but presenting facts to readers and sharing his opinion is not related in any way to hate as Gross refers to.

Mike McFeely's column is part of the reason why I’m a Forum subscriber.


Keep up the great work Mike.

Karry Kyllo lives in East Grand Forks, Minn.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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