Letter: Minnesota votes for death

Ken Koehler writes, "Pre-born human life in Minnesota may now be legally treated as nothing more than property to be disposed of."

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With their January 28th vote, Minnesota has assured itself that it will be the death capital of the upper Midwest, and Moorhead the death destination for this part of the tri-state area. Too strong? Not at all. Here’s why.

With this new most radical abortion-protecting-law in the nation, all former, though limited protections for the already living but not yet born human beings were stripped away - making it now legal to intentionally kill the pre-born at any time and for any reason or no reason at all right up to the moment before birth. A few minutes later, that same little human life would otherwise be held to the breast of its mother.

Pre-born human life in Minnesota may now be legally treated as nothing more than property to be disposed of. Dear God, dear God, how can it be that we have so despised your magnificent gift of procreation, of reproduced human life, that we intentionally kill it - and even celebrate doing so.

God’s word declares that we have been created “in his image”! Psalm 139 describes God’s handiwork of “knitting us together in our mother’s womb”! These are not only our children, but our Creator God’s children, too! How is it that we then knowingly disregard both the scientific facts and biblical truths that the pre-born is a second human life with its own separate beating heart and unique genetics? And how can it be that we promote this slaughter of innocent lives by calling it “reproductive health” when we know this is the exact opposite of reproducing - and that abortion is nearly never necessary to save the life of the mother.

Sadly, we know the answer to these questions - though we will not easily admit it. It is because of the “I” in idolatry. It is the claim to a right to do whatever we want with our bodies - period. And yes, even if this means ending the life of the little human growing in the God-intended sanctuary of the mother’s body. It is the elevation of bodily “autonomy” to the highest level; surpassing even God’s law of “Thou shalt not murder.” We have intentionally suppressed the truth, calling evil good, and good evil. We are literally sacrificing our children at the altar of our wants and plans. Bodily autonomy has become a god.


Dear God, forgive us! Dear God, have mercy on our souls! But also, God, discipline and correct us so that we may see the error of our ways, repent, and once again respect and protect all innocent human life. And bring your justice and judgment where there is no repentance and no recognition or reception of Your mercy. Amen.

Ken Koehler lives in West Fargo.

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