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Letter: More divided than ever

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Remember when Joe Biden claimed that he would unite America? But under President Biden, America is more divided than it ever was. What happened? Even some Republicans thought that Biden would bring some calm an unity to a very divided country. But after a year in office, Biden has done everything in his power to belittle Trump and Trump supporters, and anybody who disagrees with him. Trump's enemies, and that includes Biden, tried to label Trump as a racist. But Trump did more for Black America than any other president before him. He worked on prison reform, which helped free minorities that were behind bars for non violent offenses. He brought Black unemployment down to record lows. And when the Left, including Biden, call Trump a racist deplorable clown, it is insulting the over 70 million people who voted for Trump...including millions of Black and Hispanic voters. How do these insults unite America? Enough with the name-calling Mr. Biden and you other holier-than-thou, Democrats.

Let's face it, even Biden supporters are now having voter remorse. In less than a year, Biden has left almost a trillion dollars of valuable military equipment in the hands of terrorists in Afghanistan. (Besides leaving hundreds of Americans and allies in that terrorist stronghold). Biden has shut down pipelines increasing gas prices and have America begging OPEC countries for more oil...which they will not do. His energy secretary has no clue as to how much gas shortages there are or where we will get gas in the future. His transporation secretary took some silly maternity leave when the supply chains turned into a disaster. Our Southern border is a nightmare.

Not only is Biden letting in hundreds of thousands of unvetted immigrants from all corners of the globe, but many of them are hardened criminals. And he is doing no favors to the immigrants themselves as many of the cartels are constantly risking the lives of illegals they push across the border. And the man who promised he would shut down the virus (which was a very unscientific and stupid boast), has seen more cases and more deaths in Biden's first year in office. And Biden has used the race card in a most shameful way, saying that Blacks who don't vote for are not black. Come on! How racist and patronizing is that?

In foreign policy, Biden's weakness and his horrible staff and cabinet members have emboldened Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. Not only has Biden added to more division in America, his confused weak policies has also divided the world and weakened the resolve of our allies.

Welcome to the new America! Boy, did this guy (Biden) fool a lot of us with all his big talk. His Democratic Party will not compromise on anything. Unity, my foot!


Tom Kovach lives in Nevis, Minn.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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