Letter: Mr. Wonderful is right

David Charles writes that he is concerned with the passage of the Democracy for the People bill, which includes possible punishment for spreading election 'misinformation.'

Letter to the editor FSA

Minnesota Democrats recently passed the Democracy for the People bill. It’s passage tramples free speech and makes it a gross misdemeanor to interfere with an election or spread ‘’misinformation.”

The changes to state election law will help Minnesota remain a leader in voter participation, say Democratic-Farmer-Labor governor and lawmakers.

So, if one complains at the next election when they witness ballot harvesting, irregularities from mail-in ballots, and/or peculiarities at Hennepin county drop boxes, Gov. Walz and his prosecutors can jail you for one year. Sounds a lot like Cuba to me.

The man known as “Mr. Wonderful” said that North Dakota is a standout destination for investors. Meanwhile, he said he “would never headquarter a business” in Minnesota and that Moorhead “looks like Cuba.”

David Charles lives in Belview, Minn.

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