Letter: Multiple visits from Census workers to 'verify' information could prove deadly for some high-risk individuals

Connor has had Census workers stop by his home twice to verify information he gave electronically back in June.

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Back in March I participated in the 2020 U.S. Census (as did many others) electronically to avoid having a census worker call on us at our home.

In June the door bell rings and it is a Census worker to "verify" a few questions that were previously asked/answered electronically in March.

Now, two days ago, for the second time another Census worker is at our door to again "verify" a few questions. When I said "....these are identical to the questions asked last summer" his reply was "....yes, they are, but we need to verify them."

Those '"important" questions were our names, our home address, our dates of birth, and a couple of others all asked/answered in March electronically and last summer by a Census worker.

My wife and I both qualify as high risk (or something like that by the CDC) due to our age and most importantly my wife being on dialysis. On our doctor's advice we don't even let our grandchildren and great-grandchildren visit our home. But the government sends a stranger, from door to door, (at least wearing a mask) asking the same inane
questions that were answered over six months ago.


As Pogo said years ago "We have met the enemy and he is us."

Mike Connor lives in Devils Lake, N.D.

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