Letter: My apologies to Sanford employees

Gemar writes that she is frustrated the health care provider will not provide services to those unmasked.

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I want to apologize to Sandford Health employees for the frustration in my voice each time I checked iwhether they could give me health care without a mask.

I just ask that that when you fully realize and are able to admit what you have done through the venomous vax, that you would be able to apologize to the people that were harmed by it and their families.

With God, there is always hope of healing for all people dealing with the consequences and a chance to repent for those who either knowingly or unknowingly participated in the "plan." There is no shame when going to the Lord.

The last two years have actually helped me (and many) to seek the Lord more for all the good benefits he purchased on the cross. Blessings for a fresh start.

For those lobbing the word "extremists" around: I would rather be zealous for a good thing always, then some of the "extreme" things that those who forget God or don't know him, or mock God
stand for. And God loves them too, with "extreme" mercy and tenderness.


Karen Gemar lives in Moorhead.

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