Letter: New evidence could prove 'monumental election scandal'

Moorhead resident Ken Sims makes the case that new data could change the results of the 2020 election.

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In her recent opinion piece , Colleen Whalen rants about “many of Trump’s criminal misdeeds”. She wants former President Donald Trump to be further investigated for his “criminal and unconstitutional acts”. Whalen is alleging Trump used criminal acts to “overturn” the 2020 election because he believes the election was “stolen”.

The Democrat Party and the media have assured the American people that the 2020 election was the most secure election in our history. When states pass laws improving election integrity, they cringe. They and the media have repeatedly told us there is no evidence of voter fraud and that Trump’s allegation the 2020 election was stolen is a “big lie”. The big lie talking point has essentially shut down any real investigation of significant ballot fraud. Investigative journalism is nonexistent, unless of course Trump is the target.

But what if crucial evidence into what happened during the election suddenly was exposed? What if the evidence was substantial and credible? Instead of overturning the election, we would be “correcting the election”. Could President Joe Biden’s election win be the big lie? Of course, those who believe the election was fair and true should not be troubled.

But on the other hand, what if substantial incriminating evidence of ballot harvesting is discovered confirming Trump’s allegation of a stolen election?

True the Vote, a group founded to keep elections free and fair, has compiled layers of evidence of organized ballot harvesting in battleground states. In Georgia alone, they have video evidence of people stuffing ballot boxes in the early morning hours. They allege 242 ballot traffickers made over 5000 trips to ballot boxes. As a result, Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, has opened a statewide investigation in his state. Keep in mind that Biden “won” Georgia by just 10,000 votes.


But there is more evidence. Dinesh D’Souza will soon release a documentary, “2,000 Mules” which includes official footage of illegal ballot drop-box stuffing during early morning hours. D’Souza used geo-tracking, which matches a person’s cell phone signals with a location, leaving traceable data trails. These individuals, or mules, wearing latex gloves were part of an organized and coordinated ring of corrupt activity. Working with local and state law enforcement, D’Souza has uncovered legally obtained geo-tracking evidence and official surveillance video evidence in all six battleground states. The number of illegal ballots is substantial, enough to tip the election.

This could very likely be a monumental election scandal. I believe all Americans want fair and honest elections. It is not healthy for one party to accuse the other of election illegitimacy. There is no reason 2022 should be a repeat of 2020. Establishing election integrity will not only ensure each and every legal vote is counted, it will be a significant step toward unifying and healing the America we know and love.

Ken Sims is a resident of Moorhead.

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