Letter: North Dakota lawmakers ignore doctors to pursue political aims

"North Dakota runs the risk of pushing medical providers away and leaving pregnant people in dangerous situations," Amy Ingersoll writes.

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Lawmakers in North Dakota have been working to ban abortion for decades, and this legislative session is no exception. Senate Bill 2150 aims to ban nearly all abortions in North Dakota. While listening to the oral testimony, it was clear to me that the legislators seem especially keen on ignoring the input of doctors.

We’ve already seen bans like SB 2150 play out in other states, and it predicts a dangerous and dismal future . Doctors only want to provide the best possible care to their patients, and SB 2150 would limit that ability. No medical professional should be forced to choose between medically accurate, comprehensive reproductive health care, or breaking the law.

Shouldn’t North Dakota be a state where doctors are allowed to do their job? If SB 2150 passes, North Dakota runs the risk of pushing medical providers away and leaving pregnant people in dangerous situations.

Amy Ingersoll is vice-chair of the North Dakota Women's Network Board of Directors, chair of the North Dakota Planned Parenthood Advisory Committee, and vice-chair of the North Dakota Human Rights Coalition Board of Directors. She is a resident of Bismarck.

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