Letter: Omdahl's column about coal was irresponsible at best

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After reading his recent opinion piec e, I can’t help but wonder if Lloyd Omdahl really meant to use the lemming argument? Seriously, while he was writing his article, the total amount of renewables providing energy to the electrical grid was less than 5%. His comments are irresponsible at best.

But then I’m left with a few other ideas, like maybe he is stuck in the 1970’s with his thoughts? Maybe he hasn’t been to a coal mine or power plant for 50 or 60 years? If that’s the case, then I am offering him a chance to meet the Faces of North Dakota Coal. I will personally escort him on a coal mine and power plant tour and introduce him to the thousands of good North Dakotans that are providing him affordable, reliable and clean electricity, and not just 5% of the time either.

Faces of North Dakota Coal are proud of our relationship with our liquid fossil fuel brethren, but we resist Omdahl’s terrible idea that our industry should be saved with a payout from the Legacy Fund. We would rather you understand and help our position: “Stop the reckless distribution of taxpayer money to out of state special interest groups with policies like the Production Tax Credit (PTC)! If so, we can compete fairly and all taxpayers will win.”

What’s that? You don’t want to meet main street businesses owners in small town North Dakota that makes this state great? You don’t want a coal mine and power plant tour to meet the great Faces of North Dakota Coal? You’re right, you probably can’t admit your column was a poor draft after all. But if you change your mind about that tour, you know where to find me.

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