Letter: Pence for president

No, Mike Pence isn’t the most dynamic, inspirational, or entertaining person to be president. But at least he’s not nuts.

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Right now and for the next couple of weeks we need Mike Pence to be the 46th president.

Joe can wait to be inaugurated as the 47th.

“I like Mike!” can be the slogan.

Not too original. Might even be copyrighted somewhere. Not too imaginative and pretty vanilla.

Just like the white-haired mannequin it promotes.


We need someone to keep the chair in the Oval Office warm for Joe instead of leaving droppings in hidden corners of the White House.

We need someone who won’t pardon murderers convicted of killing innocent civilians, even if they reside in an "s-hole" country.

We need someone who wouldn’t call another country an "s-hole."

We need someone who, when they go to church, doesn’t need to bring along an armed escort with tear gas to clear the way and knows how to hold a Bible and is familiar with what is written inside.

We need someone who won’t undermine his own party’s legislation by coming in after the 12th hour and blow up a needed stimulus package and give Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schummer a victory. (Merry Christmas Chuck and Nancy).

We need someone who won’t veto higher salaries for service men and women because he would rather keep the names of dead Confederate generals on the signs outside military bases. (But then again maybe we are lucky that we don’t have Fort Mussolini or Camp Vlad).

We need someone who when Joe is inaugurated will show up, give him an elbow bump, wear a mask and just sit quietly and listen instead of passing gas like a 5-year-old and looking at his watch so he won’t miss his next tee time.

We need someone who won’t set fire to the White House curtains when they leave.


We need someone who would leave without a Secret Service escort.

We need someone who understands government in a democracy and works to make it better than trying to tear it all down leading to chaos, anarchy and a banana republic.

We need someone who is confident not egotistical, spiritual not delusional, thoughtful not narcissistic.

We need someone who may understand that the economy is not only about Wall Street and investors, but also about Main Street and the people who work there.

We need someone who when faced with a national crisis will be honest with the American people and work to do what is right by them and not ignore it, call it a hoax, and then blame it all on China when it blows up in their face.

It’s time to dust off the 25th Amendment and see if we can save the republic.

No, Mike Pence isn’t the most dynamic, inspirational, or entertaining person to be president.

But at least he’s not nuts.


Lynn Kaspari is editor of the Ransom County Gazette in Lisbon, N.D.

This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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