Letter: Port has it wrong again

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I see that old man Rob Port is shaking his fist at college sports and the “juvenile opprobrium of sports fans” again.

He asks this in the headline: “ Wouldn’t it be nice if collegiate sports didn’t increase the cost of higher education ?"

Sure, but it barely does.

Port has been deceiving the good people of North Dakota ever since student athlete on the diving team Rodney Dangerfield was forced to do the “impossible” Triple Lindy dive to win the meet. It feels that long.

“The ugly truth is sports programs hinder the academic mission of the universities which host them.” Two unrelated things you can explain to the Ivy League, Mr. Port.


For some odd reason, Port wants to give the impression that the “entirety of the student activity fee” goes to the Bison football team. It doesn’t, nor sports in general.

But, I’m not even going to argue. The facts are public. Just go to the websites below. The activity fee goes to many many programs. A few bucks go to sports. We’ll live.

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