Letter: Prakash Mathew has written a book that will change lives

The Furness and Inniger families encourage people to read Prakash Mathew's new book ''We are Called, To Do The Right Thing."

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Prakash Mathew grew up in India where he was a student at an agricultural institute. A minister from Fargo, while visiting with Prakash's family, suggested that Prakash should come to Fargo for his educational possibilities. With encouragement and assistance, he ultimately did just that.

As he began his education at North Dakota State University, he realized his natural strengths and interests were not related to agriculture but to interpersonal relationships. He is a ''people'' person and with that change he has flourished in his educational experiences and has grown with his capabilities ever since.

We, the Furness family, have known Prakash for over 50 years, mostly through our church. He was then and is still actively serving in the many needs of our church and is always willing to assist and help as needed. When Fargo had the flood of 1997, Prakash organized all the students of NDSU to become sandbaggers. Their effort to help and their abilities to work saved many homes and businesses throughout our city.

We, the Inniger family, met Prakash Mathew through NDSU, and he has been a friend for over 40 years. This man has touched many lives, both on NDSU's campus and in our community. He is humble, hard-working, a servant who is always caring and helping others, and has always tried to do the right thing in our community and on our campus. From being head of the residents halls, to help organize students for two flood fights in our community, to vice president of student affairs, he has excelled. He serves on several boards, making a difference in so many people's lives.

He has written a book that will make a difference in all of our lives: ''We Are Called... To Do The Right Thing." He will be at three different book signings where you can meet this man of integrity and high moral values and a man of faith.


The Bruce Furness and Erv Inniger families live in Fargo. Furness is a former mayor of Fargo, and Inniger is a former coach of the North Dakota State University's men's basketball team.

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