Letter: President Trump made it OK to hate

Marianne Burnside, a 94-year-old living in Detroit Lakes, Minn., mourns recent attacks on our LGBTQ brothers and sisters.

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I just finished lighting a candle for my brothers and sisters of the LGBTQ community. I cannot believe the hate that is so openly acted out in our country.

I am 94 years old, have lived through decades. I admit I probably have a larger-than-life ego, but I also think I may have acquired a small bit of wisdom.

Never have I seen hate so blatantly demonstrated out in the open since the election of Donald Trump. Our former president seems to have given permission and boldness to the haters our country to express it front and center. It must stop.

Hopefully President Joe Biden, along with the Department of Justice, with the support of the American people — true patriots longing for peace — can turn this around. I hope and pray.

Marianne Burnside lives in Detroit Lakes, Minn.


An earlier version included the incorrect first name of the author.

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