Letter: Property tax relief, reform and exemptions

Kevin J. Glatt of Bismarck writes, "Perhaps we have a property tax exemption problem in North Dakota."

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Much has been discussed about property tax reform.  Little has been accomplished. Relief has been approved several times by the legislature in various forms (income tax credit, social service takeover, school funding, etc.). However, no real reform has been accomplished since the late 1970s and early 1980s under democratic leadership.

Former Gov. Dalrymple’s mill levy consolidation was a compromised attempt at reform; along with increased training for local assessors, but no real reform has been achieved under Republican control.

Perchance Republican leadership does not think we have a property tax problem. Maybe they are right.

Perhaps we have a property tax exemption problem in North Dakota. Consider that for every exemption allowed, other taxpayers have to make up the difference. What if the legislative super majority eliminated all property tax exemptions and then voted individually on each exemption? Conceivably such deliberation and enactment would foster and promote fairness – which is what property taxpayers desire and deserve.

Kevin J. Glatt lives in Bismarck.


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