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Letter: Quit falling for Republicans' socialism scare tactics

Slen writes, "... there isn't a Republican in Bismarck who wants to abolish socialism in North Dakota. They love socialism here."

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Republicans should tell us what socialism is and what it is not, but they won't. They would rather use it as a scare word.

These are my comments:

  • Socialism is not "medicare for all."
  • Socialism is not legislation helping the poor.
  • Socialism is not raising taxes on the rich.

Socialism is what we have had in North Dakota for over 100 years: a state-owned bank and a state-owned flour mill. But there isn't a Republican in Bismarck who wants to abolish socialism in North Dakota. They love socialism here.

Don't believe me? Ask yourself: How many of them want to put the state bank and flour mill up for sale to the highest bidder and get rid of socialism in North Dakota? Not one.

Socialism has worked well in North Dakota, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark when mixed with free enterprise, but Republicans won't admit it. They love their scare words too much.


Rolf Slen lives in Fargo.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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