Letter: Republicans do not have an alternative health care plan

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Recently, Sen. Kevin Cramer was asked his opinion on the ongoing Affordable Care Act lawsuit. “Do I hope the lawsuit succeeds? I do," he said. "What I wish is we had some idea where we are going if it does succeed, as it looks more and more like it might.” This statement seems ridiculous. We currently do not have a backup plan for health care. For those who have high blood pressure, diabetes, or any other pre-existing conditions, the lack of any plan is scary and proves the Republican Party is irresponsible when it comes to health care.

Even more ironic, just a week prior to this, Cramer spoke at a Congressional luncheon held in Washington D.C. to recognize Chronic Disease Day. He said "Chronic Disease Day presents an opportunity for Congress to reflect on what we can do to improve health and wellness and support those impacted by chronic diseases." Wouldn’t supporting health care be a great way to support them?

Cramer and all the other Senate and House members get health perks like a free gym, paid time off, and low-cost care through the Office of the Attending Physician. No wonder they are not in a hurry to bring any sensible health care plan to the floor. If their free gym membership and subsidized gold-level health plans were on the line, we would have a law passed within a week.

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