Letter: Revenge will likely come in the form of a cyber attack

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During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln’s reelection slogan was, “Don’t change horses in midstream.” Presidents have always argued that wartime isn’t the time to remove an incumbent from office.

It appears that Donald Trump, our impeached president, has started a war, in a very unstable part of the world, to get reelected in the November election. Or is it just to distract us from the impeachment process. None-the-less, American troops and civilians will be killed or maimed.

On Jan. 2, 2020, Trump ordered the death of Qasem Soleimani with a drone strike, without consulting Congress. Soleimani was Iran’s top general and as so was responsible for hundreds of American soldiers deaths. From an American perspective, his execution may have been a good thing.

However, whom we regarded as a terrorist, many Iranian people regard as a patriot. Iranian leaders have said, “Iran will take revenge for this heinous crime.” Iran has a well-developed cyber warfare program. Will they shut down American power plants in the dead of winter? Or disrupt banking debit card or credit card usage or other more violent things.

Iran has a very strained relationship with Trump. In May of 2018, Trump declared that he was withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear deal, whose purpose was to stop Iranian development of nuclear weapons for 10 years.


Trump undid the signature foreign policy achievement of the Obama administration, and isolated America from its European allies, who contributed to the agreement, and strengthened Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s position in the volatile Middle East.

Although Trump claims to be very intelligent, his actions demonstrate he isn’t. He acts impulsively, and never asks himself “what are the positive things and negative things of my actions?” He has no experience in government, no knowledge of foreign affairs and no interest in being advised by those who do.

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