Letter: Security guards at Blues Fest did not follow COVID guidelines

A person holds a letter with the text "letter to the editor" overlaid on the image.

The only point of entry to the 2020 Fargo Blues Fest was manned by one hired security officer that was not wearing a face mask. The officer said he didn't believe in masks. Blues Fest advertising indicated all workers were to be masked up to protect the public.

This maskless security officer checked over the bags of everyone, as needs to be done, but without a mask, thereby increasing the chance of COVID spread.

All other vendors and stadium crew tried to keep the public safe by masking up, but security failed in keeping us safe. None of the many hired officers wore any kind of face coverings (although a brief appearance by Fargo Police showed them to be masked up).

We did our part to try and keep ourselves safe by masking up when necessary; but was it all for nothing if security spread the virus on people's baggage at point of entry or during other public interaction including raising their voices so they could be heard over the music?

I wouldn't hire that security company again because they don't care about the public's well-being enough to put on a simple face mask. A new security company appears to be in order.

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