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Letter: Sens. Hoeven and Cramer disappoint once again

The Buhrs criticize Sens. Hoeven and Cramer for not voting to appoint a North Dakota native to a federal judgeship.

Letter to the editor FSA

We were pleased to read the nice article in The Forum on Nov. 24 about a successful North Dakota native, Sarala Vidya Nagala, who is from a very successful and generous North Dakota family, the Dr. Rup and Dr. Vani Nagala family.


We were not pleased to see that Sens. Cramer and Hoeven both voted against her confirmation to the position of federal judge in Connecticut. Is a position as federal judge so political? This lack of support from our delegation is depressing.
Sharon Buhr and Dr. James Buhr live in Valley City, N.D.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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