Letter: Shame on the Moorhead Softball Association

Writer Marv Skar criticizes the Moorhead Softball Association and City Prosecutor Cheryl Duyson's handling of Mark Raymond's situation.

Letter to the editor FSA

Blaire Kemmer called the police on a wheelchair-bound U.S. Marine veteran and his dog? Over what? Softballs retrieved from a muddy field by his dog?

We didn’t read where any softball player was running into the field to retrieve them. Maybe the police should hang around the softball fields to control the consumption of beer instead of harassing Mark Raymond and his dog. How low can an association go?

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The association should do three things immediately. First, remove feckless Kemmer from the board. Next, pay the fees for having the dog impounded. This would never have happened if clueless Kemmer had any ounce of respect for a veteran. Third, apologize in writing to Raymond.

City Prosecuter Cheryl Duyson hasn’t dropped the charges? Does the picture in the Forum depict a hardened criminal? Does Raila look like a dangerous dog? Pathetic woke prosecutor. I suggest Duyson should spend a day in a squad car to see what real Moorhead crime looks like.


It's time to close the Centennial softball fields. Maybe if they had to play in a beet field, they would understand that disrespecting veterans has a price tag. Great publicity for your association.

Marv Skar is a resident of Fargo.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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