Letter: Sins of omission and a 'copout' in George Floyd's death

Letter to the editor FSA

In the aftermath of George Floyd's death, a lot of talk has been generated by both sides over the issue of police violence against African Americans. With the recent statement made by Earl Gray, Thomas Lane's lawyer, regarding what his clients involvement really has made me think of how people choose to justify their actions, even those that others find inexcusable.

There are two types of evil that humans commit, those intentionaly done and those we allow to happen. Regarding the latter, the people who commit the evil of omission may not be guilty of having taken part in it, yet choosing to do nothing to stop it hardly makes them innocent.

Thomas Lane's reason for standing by while George Floyd was suffocating was "I was just following orders." It seem as though Lane's apology, then claiming ignorance of what was happening, is a disingenuous copout.

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