Letter: Some people seem to be hooked on wearing masks

Culp believes the coronavirus hype was meant to get Trump out of office.

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It appears that many people are psychologically hooked on masks. They seem to be afraid to show their faces in public. It appears to be a deep seated phobia. Hopefully, there will soon be a medical term for their condition and then treatment, if possible. That mental illness must be the reason that many people are uncompromising in their defense of the useless and dangerous mask.

The mask frenzies psychological damage to children has yet to be measured or noted. Some suicides have been reported, but that's a small price to pay for the rest of us being safe. Safety is No. 1 you know.


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And who cares about diminished education by schools and learning failures for many kids.
All of this and so much more, in order to get rid of that evil scourge, Donald Trump. Yes, it was all necessary.

Austin Culp lives in Fargo.


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