Letter: Stop comparing student loans to PPP loans

Meyer argues that PPP loans were for people who were forced to close their business due to the pandemic. College students know they're expected to pay student loans back.

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So many letters have been written for or against the student loan forgiveness plan. Here’s my take: If you go to college and take out a loan you know full well that you are expected to pay it back.

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The beauty of the predictable Republican outcry over the "handouts" of Biden's student loan program is that there are receipts for PPP loans forgiven and farm money handed out.

The PPP loan was for people who closed their business not by their own choice.

We closed our businesses because the government said it would take a couple weeks to help get control of this virus - which then morphed into nearly two years for some. Many people lost their businesses and livelihood.

However, there are lots of businesses that got PPP that I don’t think needed it. You probably read those stories, too. The money was there to take. These programs the government pushed also included paying money to employees to stay home. Did you take it ?

The two are very different things.


So for people who are ranting about PPP loans, there’s more than one side of this story . For instance, some of those loans were not forgiven.

This is not one size fits all discussion.

Beth Meyer lives in Breckenridge, Minn.

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