Letter: Suddenly everybody is screaming racism for everything

A person holds a letter with the text "letter to the editor" overlaid on the image.

I don't know if professional sports will ever come back to what it was. But who cares? From what I read in the papers and see on TV, sports has become very anti-white. With the violent riots after George Floyd's death, suddenly everybody is screaming racism for everything.

Black athletes make up of the majority of the pro basketball teams and pro football teams. And pro baseball is mostly Hispanic. But that's not good enough. These players are pushing for a majority of coaches of color. If not, it's racism.

So, if white people are so racist, why would you want to watch a game (for big bucks by the way) dominated by people of color who think you are racist because you were born white?

If pro sports are over, so be it. It was always about racism, I guess.

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