Letter: Thank you seems inadequate

Mitchell Amundson and his family thanks the community for their support following his hunting accident in November.

Mitchell Amundson
Contributed / Lend A Hand Up

How do you thank someone for giving back a life? That’s what happened last Thanksgiving weekend, when our son, brother, nephew, friend, Mitchell Amundson, was seriously injured in a hunting accident. It was feared he was dead five times on the way to hospitals in Jamestown and Fargo.

Thanks to the paramedics, doctors, trauma surgeons and nurses, none of whom gave up on him, at Jamestown Regional Medical Center and Sanford Medical Center in Fargo. Due to their efforts, he survived, coming back to us much faster than anyone could expect, or even hope for.

We also need to thank multitudes of people, from the 30 family and friends joining us at Sanford at 4 a.m. that first morning, to the continuing stream of visitors since then, who are an inspiration to recovery.

We particularly wish to thank everyone who contributed through the Lend A Hand Up organization, generously providing cash donations, and those who donated nearly 300 gift baskets and individual items for our silent auction benefit.

Additional thanks to Kevin Wallevand at WDAY for his news stories, and also for his highlighting the extraordinary efforts of the Fargo Sanford AirMed crew.


This list could go on forever, from our extended family, friends, employers, co-workers, colleagues, businesses, acquaintances and strangers, to everyone in our communities. You all made a huge, positive difference in our lives.

All we can say to everyone is, thanks for giving back a life.

By Mitchell Amundson and his family

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