Letter: The Bible is not for children

Chris Savageau of West Fargo argues that the Bible should not be in a library's children's section, but absolutely does belong in the adult section.

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In recent months, I have seen several letters to the editor arguing that the Bible is sexually explicit. Their aim is to paint Christians as holding a double standard when it comes to House Bill 1205. They argue that since the bill will ban sexually explicit material from public libraries, it should and must also ban the Bible since the Bible contains sexually explicit themes and imagery. Since Christians would not want the Bible banned, then they should not support this bill.

It is helpful to note what the bill states: “A public library may not maintain in its children's collection inventory books that contain explicit sexual material.” The bill in its current form would simply remove such books from the children’s section of libraries, not the entire library. This is a reasonable action as the sexualization of children is a great evil. Protecting our children and safeguarding their innocence is something that we should all agree on.

Supporters said the bills protect children from pornography; opponents said the bills are censorship

However, does that mean that the Bible in its totality should be removed from the children’s section? As a Christian, my answer is yes! It should. The Bible is not a book written for children and as Christians we should admit this. It does hold adult themes such as the Song of Song with its sexual imagery or the Book of Samuel or Judges with their violence. Even the Gospels contain some themes, not many, that perhaps children are not ready for.

This is not to say that every version of the Bible or even the Bible in its entirety should be removed from public libraries completely. Children’s Bibles can remain in the children’s section as much of the Bible does not contain such adult themes. But the main message of the Bible is not sexually explicit in nature; the message of God’s loving plan of salvation for humanity through his only Son, Jesus.

But even if this was the case, the Bible should not be banned from the library altogether. Although the Bible does contain sexual and violent themes and imagery, it is far from pornographic. The Bible rarely describes a sexual act, and even when it does, uses veiled language. Some of these books that the Legislature is referencing are not only explicitly pornographic in their descriptions but also contain pornographic pictures as well. Even some of these books are geared toward children and their sexualization describing and displaying practices such as oral sex and masturbation. These books should be banned from public libraries completely as, as many have said, libraries are not porn stores.


Chris Savageau is a resident of West Fargo.

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