Letter: The Biden catastrophe

Belter writes, "Finally, the Biden policies at all levels are so irrational and unexplainable that we need to ask: Is the president compromised?"

Wesley Belter
Wesley Belter

The regurgitation of liberal vomit continues to stain the opinion page of The Forum. Liberals, socialists, and Biden worshipers continue to accept no responsibility for the incompetence of the Biden administration in their opinion letters.

The invasion of Ukraine by the criminal and murderous Putin was precipitated when Putin saw America could not control its borders and destroyed its energy independence. Putin witnessed America's disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. It was a clear demonstration of the ineptness of Biden, his cabinet and the wokeness of our military leadership.

The energy crisis and the cost of gasoline is clearly Biden's energy policy. Instead of solving it with American energy and jobs he looks to our enemy’s, Russia, Iran, and Venezuela for energy. The Biden policy is pipelines for Putin but not for America. The Biden energy policy is irrational and unexplainable.

Inflation is out of control, and it won’t be solved without changing the Biden war on fossil fuel. The Green New Deal plan is to make fuel so expensive Americans can’t afford to use it. In the meantime, the American family suffers the economic consequences of this policy, while Iran, Russia and Venezuela are rewarded.

The Biden administration is demonstrating its anti-semantic policy by trying to buy oil from Iran and is moving forward on a treaty that will provide Iran a pathway to develop nuclear capability while enriching Iran’s economy. Remember Iran has said death to America. What could be more dangerous than Iran with nuclear weapons? What’s unbelievable is Russia is negotiating this treaty for the United States. Current language in the treaty makes Russia the receiver of the Iranian nuclear processed fuel.


Finally, the Biden policies at all levels are so irrational and unexplainable that we need to ask: Is the president compromised? Are the Hunter Biden pay offs and alleged transfers to the Big Guy (President Biden) the impetuses for Biden's decisions that are a threat to our economic welfare and national security.

It's time we need to verify the truth. I’m sure Russian and Chinese intelligence knows. American people also have the right to know. (FACT: Hunter Biden is under IRS investigation, and his laptop has been verified.) Will we the American people ever know the truth? I’m sure not, because the leftist media is not interested in exposing the incompetence of the Biden administration.

Wesley R Belter, Fargo, is a former majority leader and speaker of the North Dakota House of Representatives.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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