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Letter: The Forum needs to look at how they cover crime, addiction and mental illness

Martin writes, "Over and over, they will post mugshots or write stories about people's involvement with the court systems but never a full updated story about that person."

Adam Martin
Adam Martin

It’s is highly frustrating seeing journalists of The Forum doing stories about people that have struggled with mental health and or addiction issues. Over and over, they will post mugshots or write stories about people's involvement with the court systems but never a full updated story about that person.

Recently we have seen a few examples of trash clickbait reporting. One uses a mugshot of a man to announce that he was acquitted of charges. Another mugshot was used years later about a woman that had completed her sentence, gained her kids back.

Today we saw an article about a woman who the judge explicitly said needed a mental health assessment. The very next day they posted a story about all the crimes and how she got probation with no mention of any of the services she has gained since being released from jail and how well she is doing today. (She is doing exceptionally well) Or that she did serve some time in jail, which was considered by the judge.

The Forum is not reporting facts. They are cherry-picking points and stretching truths around court reports, crime, and sensationalizing posts for money and clicks, especially those with mental health, addiction, and poverty. They use the First Amendment as their anchor but tie it around the necks of addicts.

Martin is the founder and CEO of the F5 Project, a nonprofit that focuses on lowering the recidivism rate through helping mentor inmates before and after they are released.


This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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