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Letter: The mainstream media are the real liars

"Which networks are the most untruthful?" asks Walcott, N.D. resident Darlan Fatland. "I could list many other stories where these networks and major newspapers like the New York Times falsely try to convince their viewers of individuals being guilty of committing rape or other serious crimes. Fox News makes mistakes but they are angels compared to the other lying hypocrite networks."

Letter to the editor FSA

Roger Haglund's Nov. 23 letter to the editor has it wrong.

It is the other major networks that lie, cover up or won't cover stories of the Democrats' misconduct and corruption. They lie about police shootings as well as the stories about Kyle Rittenhouse and Nick Sandmann, claiming Rittenhouse was guilty of murder and Sandmann was abusing an innocent Native American man.

They will lie about the police shooting a Black man that has committed a crime or is wanted for crimes. They falsely claim the victim is innocent, unarmed and a pillar of the community. They do this no mater what the evidence is.

They lie, cover up or won't cover the stories of the sexual abuse by former President Bill Clinton, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and President Joe Biden. The Democrat politicians are afraid to tell the truth to their addled brained voters because they will lose their votes.

They continue to do this in so many other stories like the false claims of collusion between former President Donald Trump and Russia. The corruption committed by Biden and his son Hunter along with Hillary Clinton. They have been after Trump even before he announced his candidacy. They all laughed and thought it preposterous when Ann Coulter said Trump would be the candidate. So much for those brilliant minds.


They took Christine Blasey Ford's word as gospel and judged Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh guilty no mater what the other testimony said. They incessantly say the exact same words as their counterparts say. They all jump onto the next story and twist and lie to keep their sheep in the fold.

Now I will give Tony Bender a back-handed compliment. It was good to see him use some common sense , no mater how hard it was for him. There wasn't any other conclusion but innocent in the Rittenhouse case.

I want you to visualize this scenario. A Black man was accused and found innocent of raping and killing a young girl. Riots erupted and stores and vehicles were looted and burned. The protesters were joined by members of the Ku Klux Klan. Two Black youths were asked to help defend a friend's business. While doing this they were confronted by the mob. They were verbally abused, threatened with their lives and attacked. They defended themselves and were chased by several law-violating thugs. They shot three of them in self defense.

Now Fox News would be wrong to claim them guilty of murdering or trying to murder the three individuals. But that is what several major networks and talk shows falsely claimed Rittenhouse was guilty of.

So which networks are the most untruthful? I could list many other stories where these networks and major newspapers like the New York Times falsely try to convince their viewers of individuals being guilty of committing rape or other serious crimes. Fox News makes mistakes but they are angels compared to the other lying hypocrite networks.

I would vote for Trump again, but he would have to watch his mouth and use a lot more tact in his statements. Maybe, though, he has to fight fire with fire.

Darlan Fatland is a resident of Walcott, N.D.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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