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Letter: The point of the American Experiment

Stene is responding to Ross Nelson's column "The end of the American Experiment."

Letter to the editor FSA

Forum opinion columnist Ross Nelson has a point . Sometimes a good point, sometimes not so good, and sometimes pointing us in the wrong direction.

His point a while ago was that we "lost our minds" over COVID. Maybe the point is that 800,000 Americans are now dead and the pandemic continues to rage here and around the world. Nelson wrote that white privilege isn’t really a thing, because he had some tough times growing up. Millions of Americans of color might have a different point. His point that anyone not supporting Trump is a leftist, belies many long time Republicans who think the party lost its way under the former guy.

He has a point that we should have concern that the Chair of the Joint Chief of Staff, General Milley, took it upon himself to contact his Chinese counterparts to assure them that he wouldn’t let President Trump start some sort of conflict during his refusal to peacefully transfer presidential power for first time in our country’s history. The real point is, the smartest guy in the room, appointed by Trump, who knows more about threats and defense than anyone, felt it was necessary.

My first thought was that Nelson's headline ‘The End of the American Experiment’ referred to democracy, which declined under Trump here and around the world. The U.S. is now rated as a "flawed democracy." Think about that… Millions of brave American men and women gave life and limb defending freedom and democracy around the globe in two world wars, Korea, Vietnam and other conflicts. And we had a sitting president that incited an attack on our Capitol to overthrow our election and democracy. His former national security advisor was promoting a coup to keep Trump in power with tanks and troops in our streets.

The point is we should all be very, very concerned about Nelson and millions of others who cherish the good old days under Trump, and don’t get the point that America’s democracy experiment was and continues to be at risk.


David Stene lives in Pelican Rapids, Minn.

This letter does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Forum's editorial board nor Forum ownership.

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