Letter: The real danger Republicans don’t care about

Phil Mouch questions why more isn't being done to prevent priests and pastors from abusing children.

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Republicans in North Dakota and elsewhere would have you believe that they are concerned about your children. They are even passing laws to protect your children from elements in our society about whom they fear monger. And yet, they have shown no interest in legislating about people who are actually harming children.

Hundreds of priests and pastors have molested and sexually assaulted children, far more than any of the people they blame for assaulting children. And yet, there have been no laws passed to prevent parents from taking their children to church. There are no laws being passed to outlaw these predators. No action is being taken to ban the Bible, which includes descriptions of incest, child murder, torture, and human sacrifice.

Instead, Republicans simply want to make you afraid of some of the most marginalized and oppressed groups in this country. Why? Because they don’t dare go after the people in power who are actual predators. They don’t actually want to do anything to protect your children. They want to make you afraid of the powerless, so that you won’t complain about what the people in power are doing.

They protect the powerful and try to make you scared of the powerless. And it seems to be working.

Phil Mouch is a resident of Moorhead.


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