Letter: This Bison team will be a tough act to follow

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You all are watching the finest football team that I have ever seen play the game, and that's going back over 50 years. There have been many.

The dedication of our players and coaches is awesome. I've never seen anything like it.

I have been to almost all of the championships and traveled with the team for 20 years. I maintained Dacotah Field, tailgated with you all, and was blessed to be on the sidelines for all those years. I started with Coach Ron Erhardt and have had the pleasure of tipping a few with most of our coaches. The Bison took me under their wings and there was nothing I would not do for our programs.

You all are the greatest fans. Your support is awesome. Anyone not going to Texas? We have the fiddle. You all will be our band.

Want to join the Team Makers? Give me a call and I'll sign you up.


Congratulations to Coach Klieman, staff and players. You are all a class act and will be tough to follow.

See you in Frisco!

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