Letter: This Christian voted for Trump because of core beliefs

Letter to the editor FSA

So lately there has been a trend of people asking how Christians can support Trump. It’s gained popularity and there have been numerous letters in The Forum on the topic. My question is, why the hoopla?

What’s the point in the question itself? He got elected folks. He is already in office. Do people think that the impeachment is some sort of popularity contest, where if Christians can be convinced to reject Trump, he could be removed from office because then no one would like him?

I don’t think this is about Trump at all. Trump is just a convenient and current tool for people to use in bashing Christians. When people write in and refer to Christians as “they," it suggests to the reader that they are not Christians. After all, who would write a letter criticizing themselves?

Drawing the conclusion that the criticism is coming from non-Christians, I go back to my earlier question. What’s your point? Are we supposed to be filled with guilt and regret that we didn’t vote for Hillary? Are you so truly worried about Christians that your negativity is done out of love? Do you want us to feel like hypocrites because Trump is so “un-Christian?

One person who wrote a letter recently felt that Christians voted for Trump because we thought he was a Christian too. Whoever made that claim? No one I know. Just another assumption from the left. I voted for Trump because he supports core beliefs that are very important to me. Unlike Al Swenson, who thinks that abortion is a “tired, old cliché," I really do care that over 50 million babies have been aborted since 1973.


I don’t agree with Trump on everything he does or how he presents himself at times. But regardless of how unpolished he is, he has done a good job doing the things that I wanted out of him. We have more conservative justices on the Supreme Court. Our economy is strong with low unemployment.

He has built up our military and supports our troops and law enforcement. He has addressed or fixed a lot of things that Obama didn’t want to touch. And he has made progress, despite constant efforts to derail him. I’m a Christian and I say bash me all you want. I answer to God, and only God, as will we all in the end.

Call me crazy, call me brainwashed, call me disillusioned, say I’ve lost my grip on reality. Call me anything you want. But if you think that by doing so will somehow cause me to cast a vote for the likes of Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, you’ve got another thing coming, and I might just question the reality you live in.

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