Letter: Trump Derangement Syndrome strikes again

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Just when you hope Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers may have finally gotten beyond the need to regularly broadcast their hateful canards to the community, up pops yet another Forum opinion letter full of slurs, lies and half-truths straight out of the anti-Trump playbook. This time a Moorhead resident, while ostensibly opining on current political issues under the moniker: “ North Dakota Republicans are better than this ,” takes the opportunity to simply spout more inflammatory invective.

The opinion writer alleges recent Trump tax cuts benefit only the “wealthy few” and “cost working men and women money they could use to pay the mortgage” or purchase food. In reality, the Tax Policy Center has projected 82% of middle-class earners have received a tax cut averaging about $1,050. That will bring home a few groceries.

Trump put kids in cages. This, again? The Obama administration, and later Trump officials, detained illegal migrant children inside chain-link fenced holding areas. Pictures of the fences from 2014 were alleged by fake news to have been taken during the Trump presidency and the “cage” myth was invented to slam Trump. Children were being placed in holding areas separated by age and sex for safety reasons and were held up to 72 hours by the Border Patrol until it could determine whether the adults with whom they crossed the border illegally were actual relatives. No children were “put in cages.”


Our cynical opinion writer labels valid efforts of the president to solve the Social Security problem “clever chicanery.” Social Security funds have been mishandled by Congress for many years and are now nearly non-existent. Previous presidents and Congress have done nothing to stop the bleeding. Trump is simply stepping up to say it is time for Congress to get a handle on the matter and has proposed ways to make Social Security work in the future.
And then comes the requisite nasty invective. The writer felt compelled to declare his now widely discredited opinion that Trump is a bad man, a bully, a pathological liar who hates and assaults women, and a man that loves dictators and treats them better than “working” Americans. In their unrelenting effort to engage in a silent coup against a legitimately elected president, Democrats and Socialists here and around the country have dedicated themselves to go to any ridiculous length, to create any lie, to try any devious scheme to destroy Trump and his family.


In the meantime, the April Jobs Report indicates an incredible increase of 263,000 jobs. Unemployment fell to a 50 year low of 3.6%. Wages are up, the stock market is at record highs, and the economy is booming. The Russia hoax failed, the obstruction hoax failed, the anti Attorney General Barr effort will fail as will the impeachment hoax. Trump has brought prosperity not seen in many years. It is time for the silent majority of citizens to step up and have their positive voices heard over the din of unwarranted, non-stop hateful anti-Trump claptrap.

By Mike Hulett

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