Letter: Trump did not disrespect the military

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Pat Schulz and Peter Hovde may, in the future, want to wait until the furor dies down a bit and all the evidence is in before expressing their opinion on something. Jeffrey Goldberg, editor in chief of The Atlantic, has admitted that a key piece of his article slamming President Trump for calling dead soldiers losers and suckers is false. Evidence that was always there, but conveniently ignored by Goldberg, shows that the reason the president didn't attend the ceremony was indeed the weather, which is what The White House has said all along.


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There is also ample evidence out there, from high ranking military officials not afraid to have their names used, that Trump did not say what Goldberg claimed he said about our dead veterans. Oh yeah, one more thing. One of President Trump's best enemies, John Bolton, says he was present when the decision to not attend the ceremony was made and he heard no remarks disparaging veterans.

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