Letter: Trump indictment shows it's rules for thee but not for me

"In my opinion, Alvin Bragg is not only a racist, but a very stupid individual who would be laughed out of any court that was truly trying to uphold law and order," Nevis, Minn. resident Tom Kovach writes.

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Has America become a one party nation? It sure seems that way. The Democrats want anyone who opposes them politically to follow the rule of law, but that rule of law does not apply to them. Lets face it, this whole Trump indictment was totally politically motivated. Whether you like or dislike Trump is not the point. Even sensible Democrats and leaders of other countries like El Salvador and Mexico have said that this war against Trump makes Democracy in America look like a farce.

When 51 former intelligence (what a misnomer!) officials signed a paper prior to the 2020 presidential election saying that the Hunter Biden laptop from Hell was a Russian misinformation ploy, the news media and the Democrats took it at face value. When it was proved that it was indeed Hunter Biden's laptop and that the Russians had nothing to do with it, the left just shrugged. No apologies. No suggestions that this misinformation by the weaponized FBI and others in the intel community were the ones trying to change an election. What dangerous hypocrisy.

That DA in New York, what's his name, Alvin Bragg, lets murderers and rapists go free while he goes after a former president on some flimsy charge that happened years ago and was already dropped by others who investigated the case. In my opinion, Bragg is not only a racist, but a very stupid individual who would be laughed out of any court that was truly trying to uphold law and order.

How come there is no indictment against the Biden family for their money schemes involve foreign governments, including some of our country's adversaries like Russia, Iran and Communist China? Why are we not impeaching Biden and his Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for allowing dangerous drugs and known criminals to freely cross our southern and northern borders? Why were the Clintons never brought to trial for all their crooked money deals and a few unexplained deaths along the way? Why is it okay for Nancy Pelosi and her family to make hundreds of millions of dollars through illegal inside trading when other Americans would have been prosecuted for such behavior?

When a government weaponizes the FBI and The DOJ, and has midnight SWAT raids against anyone who disagrees with them, our country is starting to look more like 1930s Germany than the free country I volunteered to fight for in Vietnam. This does not look like the America that has defended world freedom in two world wars and has fought for freedom and prosperity for others around the globe. If we can't have freedom and equality in our country, how can we preach democracy to other nations?


Tom Kovach is a resident of Nevis, Minn.

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